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FAQand description for booking hotels and accommodation and tours in Zanzibar Spice Island


After five years of experience in hotel management, particularly with the operating and marketing of different hotels in Zanzibar, we decided to use our knowledge and create a portal through which we could help direct and inform those wishing to visit Zanzibar. For many years the developers and operators of this site have lived and breathed the Zanzibar lifestyle, and we have gained an understanding of the needs of travellers that come here; and are aware of the multitude of issues that one is often forced to face when away from home.

All the accommodation offered on our site has been personally visited by us so that we can ensure that it meets our standards. Every booking made will be manually checked and confirmed by the hotel in order to make sure your room is never double-booked. Due to technical problems in Zanzibar this has been known to happen.



Zanzibar Hotel Booking is a portal for those organising holidays specifically for Zanzibar and will be useful to the following groups of people:

  • Travellers that wish to inform themselves about the types of accommodation and tourist activities available when visiting Zanzibar. This site can be used to make a hotel reservation, and please contact us if you would also like us to arrange tours or transfers for you, or with any other questions you may have.
  • Tour Operators in Zanzibar that would like to us to promote their activities and attractions.
  • Travel Agencies that would like to supplement their business by taking advantage of the information and the ability to book hotels and tours provided here.
  • Hotels and other types of accommodation providers that would like to request an account and offer their rooms free of charge.



Zanzibar Hotel Booking is a mediator between the traveller and the services that they require when visiting Zanzibar. We check the availability of accommodation and tours and help you create the holiday you desire. The booking service is offered by us free of charge and you can be assured that there are no extra hidden costs. Please note that confirmation of each booking must be made by the hotel or tour operator.



Booking with us is secure, reliable and comfortable. To avoid problems and frustrations caused by a double-booking each reservation is manually confirmed so that the chance of a mistake being made is eliminated.

There are 3 easy steps to confirm your reservation:

  1. 1. Select your hotel and the room you would like.
  2. 2. Fill in the reservation form and transfer your deposit.
  3. 3. Receive a confirmation email from the hotel.

If you don't receive an answer within 48 hours please contact us so that we can solve any problems. As we are located in Zanzibar any problems that occur can be quickly and efficiently solved. Our services are absolutely free for you to use; you pay a deposit at the time of booking and the rest directly to the hotel, with no extra cost.







Is my reservation immediately confirmed and secured?

No, your reservation is confirmed only once you have received the confirmation email from the hotel and you have paid the deposit. This confirmation email is generally sent within a few hours, and 48 hours at the very latest.


Why don't I receive a confirmation email immediately after filling in my reservation form?

The hotel need to be notified of your request to stay there before they can confirm availability. The confirmation email is an assurance that a room is waiting for you when you arrive. It is recommended to wait for the hotel's answer so that you can be certain that your reservation has been taken into account.


I requested a reservation through your website and two days later I still haven't received a confirmation email from the hotel. What should I do?

If you receive no answer within 48 hours then, at your request, we will contact the hotel and solve the issue as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that this does occur then please send us an email with your reservation details.


What time can I check-in at the hotel?

The check-in time depends on the individual hotel's policy. The hotel may reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you don't arrive at the hotel before your predicted arrival time. That's why we advise you to notify the hotel of your predicted arrival time and your flight number if you are traveling by plane. In case of a late arrival, you must inform the hotel to make sure that your reservation is kept for you.


Do I have to pay booking fees?

No, all fees are included in the room prices. You don't have to pay any booking fees, any administration costs or any other hidden fees (except evtl. money transfer fees for the deposit payment).


Is breakfast included in the price?

It depends on the hotel's policy. Quite often in Zanzibar, breakfast is included in the room price and if not it should be mentioned in the information below the room price.


Are taxes included in the published rates?

Yes, all taxes are already included in the prices, except those mentioned otherwise in the hotel's policy.


Which currencies are accepted by the hotel?

You can normally pay in US$, Tanzanian Shillings and a lot of hotels except credit card payments (most hotels charge fees for using a credit card).


How can I modify or cancel my reservation?

Please contact the hotel directly if you wish to cancel or modify your reservation. You can find the email address and the phone number of the hotel in the email sent to you at the end of the reservation process. Please inform the hotel as soon as possible about any cancellation in order to prevent any financial loss, and be aware there may be a cancellation fee. If you need to change your length of stay, in the same hotel, we will update the amount of deposit you need to pay.


What happens with my deposit when the hotel cannot confirm the reservation?

If you have paid with a credit card it will not be charged until the hotel has confirmed your booking. You can also select another hotel from our portfolio and we can transfer your deposit payment to the new booking.

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