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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is Black Baroness Group? 

Black Baroness Group is operating a hotel booking platform, specialised for Zanzibar/Tanzania. Our company has locations in Zanzibar and in Germany. We try to give you the best value hotels in Zanzibar.

Which are the services offered by Black Baroness Group?

Black Baroness Group lists selected hotels and offer you their rooms for booking. Once you have chosen your hotel and filled in the reservation form, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation within 48 hours by email. In the case you receive no answer within 48 hours, please contact us. We will then make sure that the concerned hotel has received your request and that you quickly get a confirmation.

How are the hotels selected by Zanzibar Hotel Booking? 

Our company retains only the best value hotels, considering the global hotels' offer in each destination. Each selected hotel satisfies strong criteria for comfort, services, facilities and cleanliness. All the displayed hotels are secure and have an excellent reputation. Thanks to this, you are sure to avoid to be unpleasantly surprised after choosing your hotel in Africa.

How may I do a reservation through the website ? 

it's easy and simple. 3 steps are enough to get a confirmed reservation:
1. Choose your hotel and rooms
2. Fill in the reservation form
3. Receive a confirmation email of the hotel within 48 hours.
Once you receive the confirmation email of the hotel, you have nothing else to do to insure your reservation.

Is my reservation immediately confirmed and secured ? 

No, your reservation is confirmed only once you have received the confirmation email from the hotel and you paid the deposit. This confirmation email is generally sent in the next few hours, 48 hours at the latest.

Why don't I receive immediately any confirmation email after filling in my reservation form?

The hotel need to notice your request, before confirming your reservation. The confirmation email is an assurance that a room is waiting for you at your arrival. It is recommended to wait for the hotel's answer before being certain that your reservation will be taken into account. 

I did a reservation through your website and 2 days later I still haven't received any confirmation email from the hotel. What may I do? 

If you get no answer within 48 hours, we are committed, at your request, to contact the hotel and to obtain shortly a response. In this case, please send us an email with your reservation number.

Until what time may I arrive at the hotel ? 

The check-in time limits depend on each hotel's policy. The hotel may reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you don't arrive at the hotel before your predicted arrival time. That's why we advise you to notify the hotel of your predicted arrival time and your flight number if you travel by plane. In case of late arrival, you have to inform the hotel and to make sure your reservation is kept until your arrival.

Do I have to pay booking fees ? 

No, all fees are included in the room prices. You don't have to pay any booking fees, any administration costs or any other hidden fees.

Is breakfast included in the room's rates ? 

It depends on the hotel's policy. Common use in Zanzibar is, that breakfast is included in the room price. If not you will see in the informations below the room price.

Are taxes included in the published rates ? 

Yes, all taxes are already included in the prices, except mentioned otherwise in the hotels policies


Which currencies are accepted by the hotel ? 

You can pay in US$, very often in Tanzanian Shillings and a lot of hotels provide credit card charging possibilities (in this most hotels charge additional credit card fees).

How can I modify or cancel my reservation ? 

We invite you to contact directly the hotel in case you want to cancel or modify your reservation. You can find the email address and the phone number of the hotel in the email sent by Zanzibar Hotel Booking at the end of the reservation process. Our hotel partners are often fully booked: thank you to inform the hotel about any cancellation, in order to prevent any financial loss for you.



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